Civetweb API Reference

mg_set_websocket_handler( ctx, uri, connect_handler, ready_handler, data_handler, close_handler, cbdata );


ctxmg_context *The context in which to add the handlers
uriconst char *The URI for which the handlers should be activated
connect_handlermg_websocket_connect_handlerHandler called when a connect is signalled
ready_handlermg_websocket_ready_handlerHandler called when the connection is ready
data_handlermg_websocket_data_handlerHandler called when data is received
close_handlermg_websocket_close_handlerHandler called when the connection closes
cbdatavoid *User defined data

int mg_websocket_connect_handler( const struct mg_connection *conn, void *cbdata ); int mg_websocket_ready_handler( struct mg_connection *conn, void *cbdata ); int mg_websocket_data_handler( struct mg_connection *conn, int opcode, char * buf, size_t buf_len, void *cbdata ); int mg_websocket_close_handler( const struct mg_connection *conn, void *cbdata );

Return Value



The function mg_set_websocket_handler() connects callback functions to a websocket URI. The callback functions are called when a state change is detected on the URI like an incomming connection or data received from a remote peer.

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