Civetweb API Reference

mg_set_auth_handler( ctx, uri, handler, cbdata );


ctxstruct mg_context *The context on which the handler must be set
uriconst char *The URI for the authorization handler
handlermg_authorization_handlerCallback function doing the actual authorization
cbdatavoid *Optional user data

int mg_authorization_handler( struct mg_connection *conn, void *cbdata );

Return Value



The function mg_set_auth_handler() hooks an authorization function to an URI to check if a user is authorized to visit that URI. The check is performed by a callback function of type mg_authorization_handler. The callback function is passed two parameters: the current connection and a pointer to optional user defined data which was passed to mg_set_auth_handler() when the callback was hooked to the URI.

The callback function can return 0 to deny access, and 1 to allow access.

The mg_set_auth_handler() function is very similar in use to mg_set_request_handler().

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