Civetweb API Reference

mg_send_mime_file2( conn, path, mime_type, additional_headers );


connstruct mg_connection *The connection over which the file must be sent
pathconst char *The full path and filename of the file
mime_typeconst char *The mime type or NULL for automatic detection
additional_headersconst char *Additional headers to be sent

Return Value



The function mg_send_mime_file2() can be used to send a file over a connection. The function is similar to mg_send_mime_file() with the additional functionality that user specified headers can be sent. The MIME type of the file can be specified in the function call, or will be automatically determined based on the extension of the filename if the mime_type parameter has the value NULL.

Additional custom header fields can be added as a parameter. Please make sure that these header names begin with X- to prevent name clashes with other headers. If the additional_headers parameter is NULL, no custom headers will be added.

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