Civetweb API Reference

mg_send_http_error( conn, status_code, fmt, ... );


connstruct mg_connection *The connection over which the data must be sent
status_codeintThe HTTP status code (see HTTP standard)
fmtconst char *Format string for an error message
...variousParameters as specified in the format string

Return Value



The function mg_send_http_error() can be used to send HTTP error messages from a server to a client. The status_code must be one of the predefined HTTP standard error codes (e.g., “404” for “Not Found”). The status text (e.g., “Not Found”) for standard error codes is known by this function. A body of the error message, to explain the error in more detail, can be specified using the fmt format specifier and additional arguments. The fmt format specifier works like for the printf() function in the standard C library.

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