Civetweb API Reference

struct mg_option;


nameconst char *Name of the option
typeintType of the option
default_valueconst char *Value of the option


A list of valid configuration options of the Civetweb instance can be retrieved with a call to mg_get_valid_options(). This function fills a list of struct mg_option structures where the content of each structure represents a configuration option. Each structure contains three fields. One field contains the name of the option, the second contains the value of the option and the third is an identifier used to define the type of the option and how the value contents should be interpreted.

The field type can be one of the following values:

CONFIG_TYPE_UNKNOWNThe type of the option value is unknown
CONFIG_TYPE_NUMBERThe option value is an integer
CONFIG_TYPE_STRINGThe option value is a number
CONFIG_TYPE_FILEThe option value is a file name
CONFIG_TYPE_DIRECTORYThe option value is a directory name
CONFIG_TYPE_BOOLEANThe option value is a boolean
CONFIG_TYPE_EXT_PATTERNThe option value is a list of regular expression patterns

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