Civetweb API Reference

mg_get_ports( ctx, size, ports, ssl );


ctxconst struct mg_context *
sizesize_tThe number of ports which can be stored in the buffer
portsint *Buffer for storage of the port numbers
sslint *Buffer used to store if SSL is used for the ports

Return Value

size_tThe number of ports stored in the buffer


This function is deprecated. Use mg_get_server_ports() instead.

The function mg_get_ports() returns a list of ports the Civetweb server is listening on. The port numbers are stored in a buffer of integers which is supplied by the calling party. The function also stores information if SSL is used on the ports. This information is stored in a second buffer which should be capable of storing the same amount of items as the ports buffer.

The function returns the number of ports actually stored in the buffer.

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