Civetweb API Reference

mg_get_option( ctx, name );


ctxconst struct mg_context *A pointer to the webserver context
nameconst char *The name of the option to query

Return Value

const char *A pointer to the option value in text, or NULL if an error occured


When starting the CivetWeb webserver, options are provided to set the wanted behaviour of the server. The options which were used during startup can be queried through the mg_get_option() function. Options are read-only and cannot be changed while the webserver is running. The function returns a pointer to a text string containing the value of the queried option, or NULL if an error occured. It is guaranteed however that if a valid option name is provided as a parameter to this function, that a pointer to a string is returned and not NULL. In case an option was empty or NULL during initialisation, mg_get_option() will return a pointer to an empty string.

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