Civetweb API Reference

mg_get_cookie( cookie, var_name, buf, buf_len );


cookieconst char *The cookie name
var_nameconst char *The variable name
bufchar *The buffer where to store the contents of the cookie
buf_lensize_tThe length of the cookie buffer, including the terminating NUL

Return Value

intThe length of the cookie or an error code


The function mg_get_cookie() tries to fetch the value of a certain cookie variable. The contents will either be stored in an application provided buffer, or an error code will be returned. The destination buffer is guaranteed to be NUL terminated if the pointer of the buffer is not a NULL pointer and the size of the buffer is at least one byte.

If the function succeeds, the return value of the function is the length in bytes of the cookie. The value -1 is returned if the requested cookie could not be found and -2 if the destination buffer is represented by a NULL pointer, is zero length or too short to store the whole cookie.

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