Civetweb API Reference

mg_check_digest_access_authentication( conn, realm, filename );


connstruct mg_connection *A pointer to the connection to be used to send data
realmconst char *The requested authentication realm or NULL
filenameconst char *The path to the passwords file

Return Value

intAn integer indicating success or failure


This function can be used to check if a request header contains HTTP digest authentication information, matching user and password encoded within the password file. If the authentication realm (also called authentication domain) is NULL, the parameter authentication_domain as specified in the server configuration (mg_start()) is used.

A positive return value means, the user name, realm and a correct password hash have been found in the passwords file. A return of 0 means, reading the password file succeeded, but there was no matching user, realm and password. The function returns a negative number on errors.

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