== Travis CI Tests

Travis is a service which will build your project when you commit or get pull requests on Github.

I have fixed and extended the travis configuration to build on the new sudo-less docker infrastructure.

=== CI Process

  • On Check-in or Pull Requests clone the repo
  • Build a standalone lua installation (seperate from civetweb or the OS)
  • Build LuaRocks in standalone installation
  • Install a few rocks into the standalone installation
  • Start the test script

=== test/ci_tests/01_basic/basic_spec.lua

On the initial checkin, there is only one test which demonstrates:

  • reliably starting civetweb server on travis infrastructure
  • waiting (polling) with lua.socket to establish the server is up and running
  • using libcurl via lua to test that files in the specified docroot are available
  • kill the civetweb server process
  • waiting (polling) the server port to see that the server has freed it

=== Adding Tests