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  1. CMakeLists.txt
  2. GetEnvironmentalSensors.cpp
  3. GetEnvironmentalSensors.h
  4. GetMovementSensors.cpp
  5. GetMovementSensors.h
  7. SensorBase.cpp
  8. SensorBase.h
  9. SensorLoader.cpp
  10. SensorLoader.h

Sensors is intended to be an extension whereby we retrieve sensor data through various libraries within MiNiFi C++ Processors.

Currently RTIMULib is used to gather environmental and movement based data and place them into flow files. As this package progresses, more libraries may be used to gather sensor data. In the current approach a single FlowFile is created when OnTrigger(..) is called. This may change at any time. Future updates should allow for decorating FlowFiles with attributes or referencing parent FlowFiles if necessary.