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Apache NetBeans

Apache NetBeans is an open source development environment, tooling platform, and application framework.

Build status

  • TravisCI:
    • Build Status
  • Apache Jenkins:
    • Linux: Build Status
    • Windows: Build Status


  • Git
  • Ant 1.9.9 or above
  • JDK 8 or 11 (to build NetBeans)
  • JDK 9 or above (to run NetBeans)
  • MinGW (optional), to build Windows Launchers


  • NetBeans also runs with JDK 8, although then it will not include tools for the JDK 9 Shell.
  • NetBeans license violation checks are managed via the rat-exclusions.txt file.
  • Set JAVA_HOME and ANT_HOME appropriately or leave them undefined.

Building NetBeans

Build with the default config (See the cluster.config property.)

$ ant

Build the basic project (mainly, JavaSE features):

$ ant -Dcluster.config=basic

Build the full project (including Groovy, PHP, JavaEE/JakartaEE, and JavaScript features):

$ ant -Dcluster.config=full

Build the NetBeans Platform:

$ ant -Dcluster.config=platform


  • You can also use php, enterprise, etc. See the file.
  • It is possible to compile with newer JDK versions, by adding the ' -Dpermit.jdk9.builds=true' parameter to the ant build expression

Building Windows Launchers

Windows launchers can be build using MinGW both on Windows and Linux.

Note: In Windows MSYS must be installed.

As of NETBEANS-1145, the Windows Launchers can be built adding property to the build process.

$ ant
Software Requirement to Build Windows Launchers on Ubuntu (16.04+):
sudo apt install make mingw-w64

Running NetBeans

Run the build:

$ ant tryme

Note: Look in nbbuild/netbeans for the NetBeans installation created by the build process.

Get In Touch

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Developer builds can be downloaded:

Convenience binary of released source artifacts:

Reporting Bugs

Bugs should be reported to

Full History

The origins of the code in this repository are older than its Apache existence. As such significant part of the history (before the code was donated to Apache) is kept in an independent repository. To fully understand the code you may want to merge the modern and ancient versions together:

$ git clone
$ cd netbeans
$ git log platform/uihandler/arch.xml

This gives you just few log entries including the initial checkin and change of the file headers to Apache. But then the magic comes:

$ git remote add emilian
$ git fetch emilian # this takes a while, the history is huge!
$ git replace 6daa72c98 32042637 # the 1st donation
$ git replace 6035076ee 32042637 # the 2nd donation

When you search the log, or use the blame tool, the full history is available:

$ git log platform/uihandler/arch.xml
$ git blame platform/uihandler/arch.xml

Many thanks to Emilian Bold who converted the ancient history to his Git repository and made the magic possible!