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= Apache NetBeans web sites
This repository is structured in different *subdirectories*, for different subdomains.[]:: Main Apache NetBeans website
- Will be gradually enhanced with content from as Oracle approves donation.
- Once all content is migrated it may become
- Changes to "master" are automatically published to (see link:[NETBEANS-522] for details)[]:: Apache NetBeans API documentation
- Will be integrated with
- Will generate javadocs for each release.
== Apache guidelines for web sites
Apache provides different guidelines for project websites. Here are some:
Project-related domain names::
Apache Website Navigation Links Policy::
Using `svnpubsub` or `CMS` for web site publishing, and using branches::
Using `.htaccess` to configure the web server::
How to manage my project's webpage::
== Related issues
- Automatic website publishing