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= Getting Help
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:description: Apache NetBeans Help
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== Learning Trails
The following learning trails provide you with everything you need to know to develop applications using NetBeans IDE.
- link:/kb/docs/java/index.html[Java SE Applications]
- link:/kb/docs/php/index.html[PHP and HTML5 Applications]
- link:/kb/docs/ide/index.html[Integration with External Tools and Services]
NOTE: The learning trails, tutorials, and related documentation are works in progress, incomplete, and being reviewed: link:[NETBEANS-1867]. See link:[our documentation contribution guidelines] to learn how you can help us.
== Other resources
These other resources are available:
- Javadoc is updated hourly at
- Short videos on how to link:getting-started.html[get started with the Apache NetBeans Platform] to build Java Desktop Applications.
- Visit the link:[ docs & support] section in the old website.
- Our link:[YouTube Video Channel] contains many tutorials and tips.
- The previous link:/wiki/index.asciidoc[wiki] has been partially migrated and is being updated.
- The link:[content of the previous website] is being cleaned up in github.
- The link:[current Apache NetBeans website] (i.e., this website) is also hosted at github.
== Apache NetBeans Wiki
Some parts of the NetBeans Wiki link:/wiki/index.asciidoc[have been ported], but need review.
== Support
Community Support::
Is available through our link:/community/mailing-lists.html[mailing lists].
Commercial Support::
Is also available. See link:commercial-support.html[this link] for more info.