Apache NetBeans Tools

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Mirror of Apache NetBeans Tools.

Repository of tools and other utilties created and used by the Apache NetBeans community.

Currently Available Tools

  • convert: Tool for automatically converting Sun Microsystems and Oracle licenses to Apache.

  • html-convert: Tool that reads tutorials in HTML format from the 3rd Oracle donation and converts these to the AsciiDoc format.

  • licensereviewsite: Tool consisting of a Maven plugin to generate report for crosschecking Jenkins / Confluence for external and licence. (More details.)

  • pp3: Plugin Portal, live at http://netbeans-vm.apache.org/pluginportal/.

  • wiki-export: Tool for extracting WikiText data from wiki.netbeans.org. (More details.)

  • wiki-convert: Tool for converting extracted WikiText data to AsciiDoc, suitable for using with the jBake static generator tool.