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#NetBeans Repository plugin

The plugin is capable of populating the local or remote maven repository with module jars and NBM files from a given NetBeans installation. Useful for module development, modules with public APIs are separated from those without a public API. See the populate goal.

To get access to a repository with module artifacts and metadata, add repository to your project POM or the repository manager you are using. The repository hosts binaries of NetBeans 6.5 and later.

Also see: Maven NBM development FAQs

HOWTO: Upload NetBeans release binaries to a Maven repository

There is a populate goal that converts the NetBeans module information into Maven metadata and is capable of uploading the module jar file, javadoc, sources and nbm files to local and remote repositories.

For a binary-only upload (jar files and nbm files only), it's possible to download the bits from official sites. See below for URLs.

For the complete upload, you will need to checkout the sources of the IDE/Platform you want to upload. See this FAQ entry on HowTo checkout sources from Hg

The goal has multiple input parameters that link the goal to binaries prepared beforehand.

  • netbeansInstallDirectory designates the base directory where resides the NetBeans installation that shall be uploaded. It can be either downloaded as zip or built from sources. Run ant in your local hg clone to build the distribution at nbbuild/netbeans sundirectory.

  • netbeansNbmDirectory designates the base directory where the nbm files are located. Run ant build-nbms in your local hg clone to build the nbms at nbbuild/nbms directory or download it from the space eg. final 6.5 version at Use a tool like wget to download the complete directory tree to a directory designated by the netbeansNbmDirectory parameter.

  • netbeansSourcesDirectory designates the base directory containing zip files with module jar sources. Run ant build-source-zips in your local hg clone to build the nbms at nbbuild/build/source-zips directory.

  • netbeansJavadocDirectory designates the base directory containing zip files with javadoc zips for modules with public apis. Run ant build-javadoc in your local hg clone to build the nbms at nbbuild/build/javadoc directory.

  • To have external dependencies correctly identified by their real GAV, you will need to download the index from central (or other) repository using the download goal.