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Add BSP-specific files; remove non-BSP files.
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  1. include/
  2. src/
  3. $$pkgname.ld
  4. $$
  5. $$
  6. .gitignore
  7. boot-$$pkgname.ld
  8. bsp.yml
  9. pkg.yml
  11. syscfg.yml

Sample BSP Definition

This is a basic definition of a sample Mynewt BSP package. See for documentation on creating a Mynewt BSP package.

The source files are located in the src/ directory.

Header files are located in include/

pkg.yml contains the base definition of the BSP package.

bsp.yml contains BSP-specific settings.

syscfg.yml contains Mynewt setting definitions and overrides.

Any questions? Please refer to the documentation at or ask questions on