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How to run NimBLE controller on Dialog DA1469x

Dialog DA1469x has separate Cortex-M0+ core inside CMAC hw block which can run NimBLE controller. This means DA1469x can run full NimBLE stack: host is running on M33 core while controller is running on M0+ core. Both communicate using standard HCI H4 protocol exchanged over mailboxes located in shared memory.

Basic setup

In order to run full NimBLE stack on DA1469x you will need two newt targets: one for M33 (e.g. dialog_da1469x-dk-pro BSP) and one for M0+ (dialog_cmac BSP).

Once everything is configured properly, you only need to build target for M33. Target configured for M0+ will be build automatically and image is linked with M33 image so everything can be flashed at once just as if there is only single target used.

Target for M33 should be set and configured as any other BLE application. In order to use NimBLE controller on CMAC, set proper HCI transport via syscfg:

BLE_HCI_TRANSPORT: dialog_cmac

This will include proper transport, driver and add M0+ target to build process.

For M0+, there is sample target provided in targets/dialog_cmac and it's used by default unless overrided by syscfg in M33 target:

CMAC_IMAGE_TARGET_NAME: "@apache-mynewt-nimble/targets/dialog_cmac"

If you wish to create own target for M0+, make sure your target is set the same way (app, bsp and build_profile) as sample. Also it is recommended to use syscfg settings from sample target in new target.

NimBLE configuration

Since host and controller are running on different cores, they both use separate configuration: host configuration is in M33 target, controller configuration is in M0+ target. There is currently no way to automatically synchronize both, so care needs to be taken when enabling features in either of targets.

A possible workaround is to use separate .yml file with all the NimBLE syscfg values settings and include it in both targets using $import directive which is supported by recent versions of newt tool.

Advanced settings