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Apache Mynewt NimBLE


See (


NimBLE is usually built as a part of Apache Mynewt OS, but ports for other RTOS-es are also available.

Apache Mynewt


FreeRTOS on nRF52 DK

  1. Download and install NRF5 SDK

You will need to download nRF5 SDK from Nordic Semiconductor website: (

  1. Make nRF5 SDK available for sample application

Sample application expects nRF5 SDK to be available at location specified by NRF5_SDK_ROOT variable. By default it points to ./nrf5_sdk directory (i.e. subdirectory of porting/freertos_nrf5_sdk directory) so the easiest way is to either copy nRF5 SDK to that location or make a symbolic link:

    $ ln -s <x>/nRF5_SDK_12.3.0_d7731ad porting/freertos_nrf5_sdk/nrf5_sdk

Alternatively, you may want to overwrite default value of NRF5_SDK_ROOT to point to proper location:

    $ export NRF5_SDK_ROOT=<x>/nRF5_SDK_12.3.0_d7731ad
  1. Build and flash FreeRTOS image

Provided Makefile is compatible with nRF5 SDK build system so sample application is built and flashed as other examples in nRF5 SDK:

    $ make -C porting/freertos_nrf5_sdk
    $ make -C porting/freertos_nrf5_sdk flash