Move platform #ifdefery to <nffs/os.h>

This adds new macros and includes in <nffs/os.h>, and updates source
files to avoid having to use ifdefery to include features per OS.

Signed-off-by: Fabio Utzig <>
8 files changed
tree: 2ed732511745ab674c432ad04d995954c4ad7502
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  2. include/
  3. src/
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The Newtron Flash File System (NFFS) is a flash file system with the following priorities:

  • Minimal RAM usage
  • Reliability

RTOS support

NFFS currently supports the following operating systems:


The source code for NFFS lives in the following repository on GitHub:

All changes to the NFFS codebase should be submitted as Pull Request to the repository above.


Issues must be reported to the Mynewt Jira: Use the ‘NFFS’ component when reporting bug against the Apache Mynewt project.