Apache Mynewt Newtmgr

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Newt Manager (newtmgr) is the application tool that enables a user to communicate with and manage remote devices running the Mynewt OS. It uses a connection profile to establish a connection with a device and sends command requests to the device. The newtmgr tool documentation can be found under /docs which are published at http://mynewt.apache.org/latest/os/modules/devmgmt/newtmgr.html


Build the newtmgr tool as follows:

  1. Unpack newtmgr source.
  2. Rename resulting apache-mynewt-newtmgr-1.3.0 directory to $GOPATH/src/mynewt.apache.org/newtmgr
  3. cd $GOPATH/src/mynewt.apache.org/newtmgr/newtmgr
  4. GO111MODULE=on go build