Building and using mcumgr with Apache Mynewt

NOTE: The mcumgr library consists of functionality that is already present in the apache-mynewt-core repo. There is currently no need to use the external mcumgr library with Mynewt, as the functionality is already built in to the OS. To use this library with a Mynewt application, you will need to remove the duplicate functionality from your copy of the apache-mynewt-core repo.


To use mcumgr, your Mynewt app needs to be configured to use:

  1. An mcumgr transfer encoding
  2. An mcumgr transport
  3. (optional) Command handlers.

This is done by adding the necessary dependencies to your app or target. The following list of dependencies adds support for the SMP transfer encoding, the Bluetooth and shell transports, and all the built-in command handlers:

    - '@apache-mynewt-core/mgmt/smp/transport/ble'
    - '@apache-mynewt-core/mgmt/smp/transport/smp_shell'
    - '@mynewt-mcumgr/cmd/fs_mgmt'
    - '@mynewt-mcumgr/cmd/img_mgmt'
    - '@mynewt-mcumgr/cmd/os_mgmt'
    - '@mynewt-mcumgr/smp'

For an example of an app that uses mcumgr, see the smp_svr sample app in samples/smp_svr/mynewt.


With the necessary dependencies in place, your project can be built using the usual newt build <target-name> or newt run <target-name>