04 June 2018 - Apache NimBLE v1.0.0

For full release notes, please visit the Apache Mynewt Wiki.

Apache NimBLE is an open-source Bluetooth 5.0 stack (both Host & Controller) that completely replaces the proprietary SoftDevice on Nordic chipsets.

New features in this version of NimBLE include:

  • Initial version after moving to separate repo -
  • removal of deprecated bletiny application (superseded by btshell)
  • Added NimBLE Porting Layer (NPL) which abstracts OS specific details to improve portability
  • Initial ports for FreeRTOS and RIOT OS
  • Support for advertising up to 1650 bytes of data with Extended Advertising
  • Support for host flow control
  • Support for Direct Test Mode (DTM) via HCI interface
  • Support for Device Information Service
  • Bugfixes for issues found on UPF59 and during BT certification testing
  • Lots of other bugfixes, minor enhancements and optimisations
  • Mesh improvements

If working on next-generation RTOS and Bluetooth protocotol stack sounds exciting to you, get in touch, by sending a mail to the Apache Mynewt Developer's list,