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  1. bll_common.go
  2. bll_sesn.go
  3. bll_sesn_cfg.go
  4. bll_sesn_cfg_windows.go
  5. bll_util.go
  6. bll_xport.go
  7. bll_xport_linux.go
  8. bll_xport_nonlinux.go
  9. bll_xports_windows.go

Bll (BLE library)

This package implements a sesn and xport suitable for speaking NMP over BLE. The implementation uses the currantlabs BLE library ( This contrasts with the nmxact “nmble” package which is implemented using blehostd, a NimBLE host running in a simulated OS.

This package was created to address the following complications associated with the nmble package:

* Inability to use the built-in Bluetooth controller in MacOS.
* Hassle of setting up and configuring blehostd.