nrfx is an extract from the nRF5 SDK that contains solely the drivers for peripherals present in Nordic SoCs, for convenience complemented with the MDK package containing required structures and bitfields definitions, startup files etc.

Supported SoCs

  • nRF51 Series
  • nRF52810
  • nRF52832
  • nRF52840


 ├── doc             # Project documentation files
 ├── drivers         # nrfx drivers files
 │   └── include     # nrfx drivers headers
 │   └── src         # nrfx drivers sources
 ├── hal             # Hardware Access Layer files
 ├── mdk             # Nordic MDK files
 ├── soc             # Nordic SoC related files
 └── templates       # Templates of nrfx integration files

Generating documentation

nrfx documentation is availabe in the doc\html folder of the release package.

You can also generate documentation yourself from the source code. To do it, install doxygen and run one of the scripts: generate_html_doc.bat or Generated documentation will be stored in the doc\html directory. Use index.html to open it.