04 June 2018 - Apache Mynewt v1.4.0

For full release notes, please visit the Apache Mynewt Wiki.

This is the seventh source release of Apache Mynewt Core. For more information on Apache Mynewt, please visit the Apache Mynewt Website.

Apache Mynewt continues to stabilize with each release, and we believe this release is a further step forward. People who are interested in playing around, and trying Mynewt, are encouraged to download and begin to evaluate it.

A full roadmap for Apache Mynewt is available on the website. In addition, a detailed view of what is being worked on, and all open feature requests are in JIRA.

More information is available in the README file in this directory.

If building an Operating System for Microcontrollers sounds fun to you, get in touch by sending a mail to the Apache Mynewt Developer's list.