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Apache Mynewt Documentation
.. contents::
This is the project documentation for the `Apache Mynewt`_ project. It is built using `Sphinx`_.
Each component of Mynewt contains its own specific documentation in its repo under ``docs``. At
build time these are combined to create the full document set for publication.
The `Apache Mynewt`_ source code also contains inline comments in `Doxygen`_ format to document its APIs.
Writing Documentation
`Sphinx`_ use reStructuredText.
Embedding `Doxygen`_ generated source documentation is through the `Breathe`_
bridge. This bridge embeds source
documentation using `Sphinx`_'s C domain. For example:
``.. doxygenfile:: full/include/console/console.h``
Documents can then refer to code elements using the C domain syntax:
For example: ``:c:func:`console_read()``` or ``:c:data:`console_input```.
Linking to other files should be relative for ease of deployment and multi-version
support. For example ``:doc:`../../newt/install/newt_mac```.
Preview Changes
``make clean && make docs && (cd _build/html && python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080)``
Setup (MacOS)
Note: This build toolchain is known to work on MacOS 10.11.
* `homebrew`_
.. code-block:: bash
$ brew --version
Homebrew 1.1.7
* python
.. code-block:: bash
$ python --version
Python 2.7.10
* `pip`_
.. code-block:: bash
$ pip --version
pip 9.0.1 from /Library/Python/2.7/site-packages (python 2.7)
Toolchain Install:
.. code-block:: bash
$ git clone sphinx
$ cd sphinx && sudo -E python install && cd ..
$ git clone breathe
$ cd breathe && sudo -E python install && cd ..
$ brew install doxygen
$ sudo pip install recommonmark
Setup (Linux)
Most Linux distributions provide necessary packages in their repositories.
.. code-block:: bash
sudo apt-get install doxygen python3-breathe python3-recommonmark
.. code-block:: bash
sudo dnf install doxygen python3-breathe python3-recommonmark
Deploying the latest docs
NOTE: These instructions assume that your workspace has all the mynewt repos
cloned under the same parent directory.
* Ensure that all changes are merged into ``master`` and that the ``master``
branch is checked out.
* Repeat for any mynewt code repo that has documentation changes.
* Follow the steps at `Site Docs`_ to release the docs.
Creating a versioned set of docs
When the master/latest documentation is deemed representative of a Mynewt
version, it is time to create a versioned set.
* Make sure all your mynewt-* repos are up to date and that all changes are
merged and committed.
* Add the new version to mynewt-documentation/docs/themes/mynewt/versions.html
* Also add the new version to any existing archived set.
* i.e ``mynewt-documentation/versions/*/mynewt-documentation/docs/themes/mynewt/versions.html``
* Make sure the 'selected' flag is correct for the archived version
* Make a versions/vX_Y_Z directory
* Copy mynewt-documentation/* (except versions!) into versions/vX_Y_Z/mynewt-documentation
* Copy the mynewt-core repo into versions/vX_Y_Z/mynewt-core
* Repeat for other mynewt-* repos with doxygen docs and a /docs folder
* Update the version fields in
* ``docs/``
* and ``versions/vX_Y_Z/mynewt-documentation/docs/``
* Add a warning that this is not the most recent documentation to:
* mynewt-documentation/versions/vX_Y_Z/mynewt-documentation/docs/themes/mynewt/layout.html
* see an existing older version for example
To preview the changes:
.. code-block:: bash
cd mynewt-documentation/versions/vX_Y_Z/mynewt-documentation
make clean && make docs && (cd _build/html && python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080)
.. _Apache Mynewt:
.. _Sphinx:
.. _Doxygen:
.. _Homebrew:
.. _Pip:
.. _Breathe:
.. _Site Docs: