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# You can set these variables from the command line.
SPHINXBUILD = sphinx-build
SPHINXPROJ = Apache Mynewt
SOURCEDIR = _scratch
BUILDDIR = _build
# Put it first so that "make" without argument is like "make help".
.PHONY: help Makefile clean docs
docs: _scratch html
mkdir _scratch
cp -a docs/* _scratch
# Copy in docs/ from each of the mynewt-* projects.
# NOTE: paths here nead to match edit_on_github in
cp -a ../mynewt-core/docs/os _scratch/os
mkdir _scratch/network
cp -a ../mynewt-nimble/docs _scratch/network/
cp -a ../mynewt-newt/docs _scratch/newt
cp -a ../mynewt-newtmgr/docs _scratch/newtmgr
doxygen doxygen-mynewt-core.xml
rm -rf _build _scratch
# Catch-all target: route all unknown targets to Sphinx using the new
# "make mode" option. $(O) is meant as a shortcut for $(SPHINXOPTS).
%: Makefile