BLE host: Check HCI handle on ack.

This check exposed a blatant bug in our handling of a remote connection
parameter request event.  The code was immediately transmitting HCI packets in
the wrong context, rather than reserving HCI tx slots.
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Mynewt Repository


This is the main Mynewt development repository. It contains the major Mynewt packages that are being worked on, along with a few projects used for compiling the packages into working projects, these are:

  • bin2img: takes a compiled binary, and generates a image file suitable for use with the stack bootloader.
  • boot: Project to build the bootloader for test platforms.
  • main: Basic project for test platforms, that includes and builds all relevant packages.
  • test: Test project which can be compiled either with the simulator, or on a per-architecture basis. Test will run all the package's unit tests.


The dev_test repository includes the following packages:

  • OS: Core RTOS
  • CMSIS-CORE: Cortex M abstractions, packaged from ARM mbed distribution.
  • FFS: Flash filesystem, optimized for small flashes.
  • FFSUTIL: Utility functions for using the FFS package.
  • BOOTUTIL: Core bootloader functions used by the boot project.
  • NETUTIL: Network utilities shared amongst networking stacks.

These packages are imported into this repository using git subtrees. To see a full set of remote repositories, look at the script, which adds the remote repositories.

Additionally, this repostiory contains board support packages for the following boards:

  • olimex_stm32-e407_devboard: Board Support for the Olimex STM32-E407
  • olimex_stm32-e407_devboard-boot: Board Support for the Olimex STM32-E407 bootloader.

And MCU related packages for the following microcontrollers:

  • STM32F4XX: MCU definitions for the STMicro F4XX processor series.
  • Native: Native (Simulated) MCU definitions.

In order to update these repositories, git subtree merging should be employed, where changes are made locally and tested within the dev_test repository first, and then pushed upstream once tested.


The code in this repository is all under either the Apache 2 license, or a license compatible with the Apache 2 license. See the LICENSE file for more information.


For any questions on the dev_test repository, please contact the Mynewt developer's list (