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Apache Blinky


Apache Blinky is a skeleton for new Apache Mynewt projects. The user downloads this skeleton by issuing the “newt new” command (using Apache Newt). Apache blinky also contains an example app and target for use with Apache Mynewt to help you get started.


Apache Blinky contains an example Apache Mynewt application called blinky. When executed on suitably equipped hardware, this application repeatedly blinks an LED. The below procedure describes how to build this application for the Apache Mynewt simulator.

  1. Download and install Apache Newt.

You will need to download the Apache Newt tool, as documented in the Getting Started Guide.

  1. Download the Apache Mynewt Core package (executed from the blinky directory).
    $ newt install
  1. Build the blinky app for the sim platform using the “my_blinky_sim” target (executed from the blinky directory).
    $ newt build my_blinky_sim

The Apache Newt tool should indicate the location of the generated blinky executable. Since the simulator does not have an LED to blink, this version of blinky is not terribly exciting - a printed message indicating the current LED state. To learn how to build blinky for actual hardware, please see the Getting Started Guide.