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<ui:composition template="/main.xhtml"
<p>A <code class="language-markup">&lt;tc:suggest/></code> tag can be added to an inputfield to make
suggestions based on the already entered text.</p>
<p>Tag Library Documentation:
<tc:link label="&lt;tc:suggest/>" image="#{request.contextPath}/image/feather-leaf.png"
<tc:link label="&lt;tc:in/>" image="#{request.contextPath}/image/feather-leaf.png"
<tc:link label="&lt;tc:selectItems/>" image="#{request.contextPath}/image/feather-leaf.png"
<tc:section label="Basics">
<p>After you type a character in the textfield, a list of suggestions is shown.</p>
<p>If <code>update="true"</code> the attribute
<code>totalCount</code> should be set to improve performance.
It set the amount of items loaded from the server.</p>
<p>The suggestion list is calculated in the controller. User the <code>query</code> attribute to pass
the query string to the controller.</p>
<pre><code class="language-markup">&lt;tc:in id="inBasic">
&lt;tc:suggest totalCount="10" query="\#{suggestController.query}">
&lt;tc:selectItems value="\#{suggestController.solarObjects}" var="name" itemValue="\#{name}"/>
<tc:in id="inBasic">
<tc:suggest totalCount="10" query="#{suggestController.query}">
<tc:selectItems value="#{suggestController.solarObjects}" var="name" itemValue="#{name}"/>
<tc:section label="Advanced">
<p>This example differs in a few points from the one in the 'Basics' section.
There are only two suggestions shown to the user, because the
<code>maximumItems</code> attribute is set to '2'.
Also you need to type two characters before suggestions are made,
because of the <code>minimumCharacters</code> attribute which has the value '2'.
And by setting the <code>delay</code> to '2000', the user have to wait two seconds,
before the suggestion list is shown.</p>
<pre><code class="language-markup">&lt;tc:suggest query="\#{suggestController.query}"
maximumItems="2" minimumCharacters="2" delay="2000">
&lt;tc:selectItems value="\#{suggestController.solarObjects}" var="name" itemValue="\#{name}"/>
<tc:in id="inAdvanced" label="Solar Objects">
<tc:suggest query="#{suggestController.query}"
maximumItems="2" minimumCharacters="2" delay="2000">
<tc:selectItems value="#{suggestController.solarObjects}" var="name" itemValue="#{name}"/>
<tc:section label="Client side">
<p>Filtering can also be done by the client. For that, set <code>update="false"</code>.</p>
<p>If client side, you can also use <code class="language-markup">&lt;tc:selectItem/></code>
instead of <code class="language-markup">&lt;tc:selectItems/></code>.</p>
<pre><code class="language-markup">&lt;tc:suggest update="false"/></code></pre>
<tc:in id="inClient" label="Solar Objects">
<tc:suggest update="false">
<tc:selectItems value="#{suggestController.allSolarObjects}"/>
<tc:section id="localMenu" label="Render local menu">
<p>By default, the suggest menu is rendered in the <code>.tobago-page-menuStore</code>
and positioned relative to the page. The suggest menu will be scrolled with the page.</p>
<p>Sometimes this behavior causes problems. For example if tc:suggest is used in a fixed header.
In this case the suggest menu must not scroll with the page. Instead it should stick on the input component.</p>
<p>To render a suggest menu local on the component, the attribute <code>localMenu</code> can be used.</p>
<tc:in id="inLocalMenu">
<tc:suggest totalCount="10" query="#{suggestController.query}" localMenu="true">
<tc:selectItems value="#{suggestController.solarObjects}" var="name" itemValue="#{name}"/>