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Apache MRUnit Build Instructions
- Java 1.6
- Apache Maven 2.2.1 or higher
- Access to the internet
From the command line:
$ mvn package
This produces a file named mrunit-${VERSION}.tar.gz in the top level directory.
If you wish you skip the unit tests (not advised):
$ mvn package -DskipTests
You can also clean the project by running:
$ mvn clean
From Eclipse:
1. Install the m2eclipse plugin from
2. Restart Eclipse
3. Select File -> Import... -> Existing Maven Project...
4. After the project has been imported, it may be necessary to right click the
project in the project explorer and select Maven -> Update Project
Configuration. This is also normally necessary if you change a build plugin or
some other element of the build itself. See the m2eclipse docs for details.