title: Apache Mesos - Reporting An Issue layout: documentation

Reporting an Issue

When reporting an issue (e.g. bug, improvement, feature request), please provide as much context as possible.

  • We track all issues via Apache‘s hosted JIRA issue tracker, so if you don’t already have an account you‘ll need to register for one. It’s quick and easy.
  • A JIRA should be created for every task, feature, bug-fix, etc. This makes it easy to track progress.
  • If you are planning to work on the ticket, please assign the JIRA issue to yourself before you start working on it. This helps to avoid duplication of work and alerts anyone who is following that issue. It is highly encouraged to start a discussion with others in the community about how to solve the issue. The Beginner Contribution Guide and Advanced Contribution Guide discuss how to contribute to Mesos development in more detail.