title: Apache Mesos - Cgroups ‘devices’ Subsystem Support in Mesos Containerizer layout: documentation

Cgroups ‘devices’ Subsystems Support in Mesos Containerizer

The cgroups/devices isolator allows operators to provide device isolation for containers launched by Mesos Containerizer. It uses the cgroups device whitelist controller to track and enforce open and mknod restrictions on device files. To enable the cgroups/devices isolator, append cgroups/devices to the --isolation flag when starting the Mesos agent.

Default whitelisted devices

The following devices are, by default, whitelisted for each container, if you turn on this isolator.

Each whitelist entry has 4 fields. type is a (all), c (char), or b (block). ‘all’ means it applies to all types and all major and minor numbers. Major and minor are either an integer or * for all. Access is a composition of r (read), w (write), and m (mknod).

  • c *:* m: Make new character devices using mknod(2).
  • b *:* m: Make new block devices using mknod(2).
  • c 5:1 rwm: Read/write /dev/console
  • c 4:0 rwm: Read/write /dev/tty0
  • c 4:1 rwm: Read/write /dev/tty1
  • c 136:* rwm: Read/write /dev/pts/*
  • c 5:2 rwm: Read/write /dev/ptmx
  • c 10:200 rwm: Read/write /dev/net/tun
  • c 1:3 rwm: Read/write /dev/null
  • c 1:5 rwm: Read/write /dev/zero
  • c 1:7 rwm: Read/write /dev/full
  • c 5:0 rwm: Read/write /dev/tty
  • c 1:9 rwm: Read/write /dev/urandom
  • c 1:8 rwm: Read/write /dev/random

Note that the cgroups device whitelist control is based on device numbers. This is orthogonal to populating /dev, which is typically done by udev or devtmpfs.

Capability CAP_MKNOD is always required to perform mknod(2) irrespective of whether the device is whitelisted or not.

Additional whitelisted devices

The operator can configure the agent to add additional whitelisted devices using the --allowed_devices flag on the agent. The flag takes a JSON object (or the path to a file that contains the JSON object). For example:

  "allowed_devices": [
      "device": {
        "path": "/path/to/device"
      "access": {
        "read": true,
        "write": false,
        "mknod": false