title: Apache Mesos - Agent Options layout: documentation

Agent Options

Required Flags

Optional Flags

This flag will be ignored unless the --http_executor_domain_sockets flag is also set to true.

Total path length must be less than 108 characters.

Will be set to <runtime_dir>/agent.sock by default.

Directory for the fetcher cache. The agent will clear this directory on startup. It is recommended to set this value to a separate volume for several reasons:

Note that this only affects the checking done on the agent itself, the master may still reject the agent if it detects a change that it considers unacceptable, which, e.g., currently happens when port or hostname are changed. (default: equal)

Network Isolator Flags

Available when configured with --with-network-isolator.

Seccomp Isolator flags

Available when configured with --enable-seccomp-isolator.

XFS Disk Isolator flags

Available when configured with --enable-xfs-disk-isolator.