title: Apache Mesos - CMake Configuration layout: documentation

Mesos CMake Build Configuration Options

Mesos currently exposes two build systems, one written in autotools, and one written in CMake. This document describes the configuration flags available in the CMake build system.

CMake configuration options

  NOTE: This is not always possible.  For example, a dependency might
  not be included as a tarball in the Mesos repository; additionally,
  Windows does not have a package manager, so we do not expect system
  dependencies like APR to exist natively, and we therefore must acquire
  them. In these cases (or when `REBUNDLED` is set to `FALSE`), we will
  acquire the dependency from the location specified by the
  `3RDPARTY_DEPENDENCIES`, which by default points to the official Mesos
  [third-party dependency mirror](https://github.com/3rdparty/mesos-3rdparty).