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SCM Commands
Wim Deblauwe
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Maven SCM Commands
Maven SCM uses a exposes a fixed set of commands for it users. The providers for each SCM must implements those commands through
the ScmProvider interface. This is an overview of all the commands:
* Add
Adds a new file to the source control system
* Changelog
Produces a list of changed (a new version has been put in the system) files. This list can then be used to display the latest changes
or the developer(s) who did the latest changes.
* Checkin
Save the changes you have done into the repository. This will create a new version of the file or
directory in the repository.
* Checkout
Copy (part of) the contents of the source control system to a certain location on your local machine. It should be possible to scm operations in that location.
* Edit
Mark a file as editable with the source control system. This is used in source control systems where you look at read-only files
and you need to make them not read-only anymore before you can edit them. In some scm's this means that no other user can then do an edit at the same time.
* Diff
* Remove
Removes a file from the source control system
* Status
Gives a list of files that still need some source control operation (files that still need to be added, files that are in edit mode, ...)
* Tag
Tags (label in some scm's) a source tree with a certain tag. This allows to make reproducable builds later by checking out the source code that has this tag.
* Update
Updates the checkout'ed source code to the latest state in the source control repository.