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SCM Implementation: Bazaar
Torbjrn Eikli Smrgrav
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SCM Implementation: Bazaar
* General Info
Link : {{}}
License : GNU General Public License
"Bazaar-NG is a decentralized revision control system designed to be easy for developers
and end users alike. Decentralized revision control systems give people the ability to work
over the internet using the bazaar development model. When you use Bazaar-NG, you can commit
to your own branches of your favorite free software projects without needing special permission."
The provider supports Bazaar from version 0.7, though important features like sftp transport where
not included before version 0.8.
* SCM Url
Path or url to the branch location.
Supported protocols: FTP, SFTP, AFTP, HTTP, HTTPS and FILE.
* Examples
scm:bazaar:http://host/v3 (read only)
scm:bazaar:sftp://username:password@host/~/dev/project/v3 (relativ path)
scm:bazaar:sftp://host:port/home/smorgrav/dev/project/v3 (absolute path without explicit username)
scm:bazaar:file://C:/dev/project/v3 (windows drive)
scm:bazaar:file:///home/smorgrav/dev/project/v3 (linux drive)