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Hervé Boutemy
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This POM is the common parent of all of the {{{/extensions/}Maven extensions}}
in the Apache Maven project.
* The <<<run-its>>> Profile
This POM provides <<<run-its>>> profile for running Integration Tests to check real extension execution.
A default configuration for <<<maven-invoker-plugin>>> is defined, that every extension needs to enhance
to match its prerequisite. Then ITs are launched in every extension with following command:
mvn -Prun-its verify
* Site Publication
Since Maven extensions are always mono-module builds, this parent POM has configured <<<maven-scm-publish-plugin>>>
{{{/plugins/maven-scm-publish-plugin/examples/one-module-configuration.html}mono module optimization}}
to ease site build & deployment in only one integrated and simplified command:
mvn -Preporting site-deploy