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Olivier Lamy
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This component has been built from the filtering process/code in Maven Resources Plugin.
The goal is to provide a shared component for all plugins that needs to filter resources.
* MavenResourcesExecution
** POM Interpolation
POM values will be interpolated <<only>> with expressions starting with <<<pom>>> or <<<project>>> (it's configurable).
In previous versions something like $\{foo.version\} or $\{version\} was interpolated with the current POM version, but
it won't be interpolated with a POM value any more.
** Escaping Interpolation
It's possible now to define a String which will escape interpolation.
\$\{java.home\} will be interpolated to $\{java.home\}.
** <<<targetPath>>> parameter
It also accepts absolute paths.
** <<<overwrite>>> parameter
The parameter <<<overwrite>>> forces file copy even if the destination file is newer.
* MavenResourcesFiltering
This component will apply filtering on a <<<List>>> of <<<org.apache.maven.model.Resource>>>s.
If you want to use the default <<<List>>> of <<<FileUtils.FilterWrapper>>> (see below)
you should use the method without the <<<filterWrappers>>> parameter.
The component will not filter a predefined set of file extensions (jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp, png).
<<Note:>> You can easily add extra file extensions.
* MavenFileFilter
This component has a method which returns the default <<<FileUtils.FilterWrapper>>>s.
These are:
* Interpolation with token $\{ \} and values from properties files, <<<\<project\>>>>/<<<\<build\>>>>/<<<\<filters>>>, <<<>>>
and <<<mavenSession.executionProperties>>>
* Interpolation with token @ @ and values from properties files, <<<\<project\>>>>/<<<\<build\>>>>/<<<\<filters>>>, <<<>>>
and <<<mavenSession.executionProperties>>>
* Interpolation with token $\{ \} and values from <<<mavenProject>>> interpolation
* Interpolation with token @ @ and values from <<<mavenProject>>> interpolation
The values used for interpolation are stored in a <<<Properties>>> object
and are loaded in the following order:
* A <<<List>>> of properties files, provided as a parameter to the method
* Filters defined in the <<<\<build\>>>>/<<<\<filters\>>>> section of the POM
* Properties defined in the <<<\<properties\>>>> section of the POM
* The <<<executionProperties>>> from the current <<<MavenSession>>>
<<Note:>> As it's a <<<Properties>>> object, the last defined key/value pair wins.
<<Note:>> When building the <<<Properties>>> object and reading the properties files that defines the different filters,
interpolation with the token $\{ \} is supported for these filters with limited properties values coming from
<<<>>> and <<<mavenSession.executionProperties>>>. The last wins here too.