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<project xmlns=""
<menu name="Overview">
<item name="Introduction" href="index.html"/>
<item name="Goals" href="plugin-info.html"/>
<item name="Usage" href="usage.html"/>
<item name="FAQ" href="faq.html"/>
<item name="Using the XML Schema" href="using-changes-xsd.html"/>
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<item name="License" href=""/>
<item name="Download" href="download.html"/>
<menu name="Reference">
<item name="changes.xml" href="changes.html"/>
<item name="changes.xsd" href="xsd/changes-1.0.0.xsd"/>
<menu name="Samples">
<item name="Sample Changes Report" href="changes-report.html"/>
<item name="Live JIRA Report" href="jira-report.html"/>
<menu name="Examples">
<item name="Alternate Location for the changes.xml File" href="examples/alternate-changes-xml-location.html"/>
<item name="Check Your changes.xml File" href="examples/check-changes-file.html"/>
<item name="Configuring the Trac Report" href="examples/configuring-trac-report.html"/>
<item name="Customizing the JIRA Report" href="examples/customizing-jira-report.html"/>
<item name="Configuring the GitHub Report" href="examples/configuring-github-report.html"/>
<item name="Include an Announcement File in Your Packaging" href="examples/include-announcement-file.html"/>
<item name="SMTP Authentication" href="examples/smtp-authentication.html"/>
<item name="Specifying the Mail Sender" href="examples/specifying-mail-sender.html"/>
<item name="Using a Custom Announcement Template" href="examples/using-a-custom-announcement-template.html"/>
<item name="Validate Your changes.xml File" href="examples/changes-file-validation.html"/>