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31 July 2006
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~~ NOTE: For help with the syntax of this file, see:
The reports may use either <<<range>>>, <<<date>>>, or <<<tag>>> as the type
for generating the reports. Only one type can be set. The change sets can be
configured by setting the correct parameter for the chosen type. If <<<type>>>
"date" is chosen, then the parameter <<<dates>>> should contain the start and
stop dates for the date range. Similar configurations should be made for the
"range" and "tag" types.
To generate the changelog reports, just add the following in your project's
Aside from the required plugin configuration parameters needed to generate the
reports, all reports will refer to the <<<scm>>> elements inside the project
descriptor for details regarding the connection to the project's SCM.
Here is an example of the scm element inside the <<<pom.xml>>>:
Please refer to the Maven project descriptor for the description of the
<<<scm>>> elements. It can be found
When you execute <<<mvn site>>>, you will see that the <<<changelog>>>,
<<<dev-activity>>> and <<<file-activity>>> reports are included in the
generated site.
*Sample Changelog report
[images/sample-changelog-report.PNG] Sample Changelog Report
For a live report {{{changelog.html}look here}}.
*Sample Developer Activity report
[images/sample-dev-activity-report.PNG] Sample Developer Activity Report
For a live report {{{dev-activity.html}look here}}.
*Sample File Activity report
[images/sample-file-activity-report.PNG] Sample File Activity Report
For a live report {{{file-activity.html}look here}}.