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  1. Dockerfile_centos_5_gpdb_4_3_10
  2. Dockerfile_centos_7_postgres_10
  3. Dockerfile_centos_7_postgres_9_6
  4. Dockerfile_gpdb_4_3_10
  5. Dockerfile_postgres_10_Jenkins
  6. Dockerfile_postgres_9_6
  7. Dockerfile_postgres_9_6_Jenkins
  8. Dockerfile_ubuntu16_postgres10

Docker Images

Following docker configs are based on Debian (jessie) images:

  1. Dockerfile_postgres_9_6: Plese use this configuration for development purposes. Please refer to the top level README for setup instructions.

  2. Dockerfile_postgres_9_6_Jenkins: This configuration is used by the Jenkins builds ( and

The rest of the configs are based on CentOS images:

  1. Dockerfile_centos_7_postgres_9.6 : Used for automated testing on centos 7 with postgres 9.6.

  2. Dockerfile_centos_7_postgres_10 : Used for automated testing on centos 7 with postgres 10.

  3. Dockerfile_centos_5_gpdb_4_3_10: This is work in progress, does not work at the moment.