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             academic research, and open-source development.
+          <p><b>July 11th 2012:</b>
+          <a href="">Xixuan (Aaron) Feng</a> presents <a href="">a poster about MADlib</a> at the <a href="">Workshop on Algorithms for Modern Massive Data Sets</a> (MMDS 2012) at Stanford.
+          </p>
           <p><b>Jun 18th 2012:</b>
           MADlib v0.4 is out!
           <a href="#binaries">Binary packages</a> are available for CentOS/RedHat and for Mac OS X. On other platforms, MADlib can be <a href="">built from source</a>. Our Wiki provides <a href="">detailed instructions</a> for deploying MADlib to PostgreSQL and Greenplum installations. For a list of new features, bug fixes, and known issues, please refer to the <a href="">Release Notes</a>.