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### YamlMime:XRefMap
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- uid: contributing
name: Lucene.Net project contributing guide
href: contributing/index.html
- uid: contributing/current-status
name: The current status of the Lucene.Net project
href: contributing/current-status.html
- uid: contributing/documentation
name: Documentation & Website
href: contributing/documentation.html
- uid: contributing/issue-tracker
name: Issue Tracker
href: contributing/issue-tracker.html
- uid: contributing/mailing-lists
name: Mailing Lists
href: contributing/mailing-lists.html
- uid: download
name: Download Lucene.Net
href: download/download.html
- uid: download/2
name: Download Lucene.Net 2.9.4
href: download/version-2.html
- uid: download/3
name: Download Lucene.Net 3.3
href: download/version-3.html
- uid: download/4
name: Download Lucene.Net
href: download/version-4.html