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  1. bc214d4 standardize exception text for vector dimension mismatch (in SimpleText codec) by Michael Sokolov · 2 days ago main
  2. 543910d LUCENE-10654: Fix ShapeDocValue Bounding Box failure (#1066) by Nick Knize · 3 days ago
  3. fe8d112 LUCENE-10678: Fix potential overflow when computing the partition point on the BKD tree (#1065) by Ignacio Vera · 4 days ago
  4. a693fe8 LUCENE-10577: enable quantization of HNSW vectors to 8 bits (#1054) by Michael Sokolov · 5 days ago
  5. 59a0917 Fix typo in PostingsReaderBase docstring (#948) by Vigya Sharma · 6 days ago

Apache Lucene

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Apache Lucene is a high-performance, full-featured text search engine library written in Java.

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Online Documentation

This README file only contains basic setup instructions. For more comprehensive documentation, visit:


Basic steps:

  1. Install OpenJDK 17 (exactly this version).
  2. Clone Lucene's git repository (or download the source distribution).
  3. Run gradle launcher script (gradlew).

We‘ll assume that you know how to get and set up the JDK - if you don’t, then we suggest starting at https://jdk.java.net/ and learning more about Java, before returning to this README.

See Contributing Guide for details.


Bug fixes, improvements and new features are always welcome! Please review the Contributing to Lucene Guide for information on contributing.

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