Add fake ConfigurationFactory

Inspired by what Spring Boot does to hide an unnecessary error message from log4j when it can't find a default configuration file (which will be provided later on by this module anyways).
2 files changed
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  1. advertiser/
  2. appender/
  3. async/
  4. compat/
  5. config/
  6. core/
  7. layout/
  8. logback/
  9. script/
  10. spring/
  11. src/
  12. .gitignore
  13. LICENSE.txt
  14. NOTICE.txt
  15. pom.xml

Apache Log4j Boot

Log4j Boot is a collection of bootstrapping modules to get up and running with various Log4j components. These modules pull in all the necessary dependencies to use the various optional features in Log4j.

Log4j Boot is just getting started. See Log4j Boot epic on JIRA.