LOG4CXX Dependencies

log4cxx requires the following software to build and/or run correctly:

Dependency NameVersionDependency TypeHomepage
Apache Portable Runtime(APR)>=1.5.4Compile/Runtime


The Apache Portable Runtime(APR) provides the cross-platform backend for log4cxx. Both APR and APR-util need to be installed and available on your system.


These applications are needed during test of log4cxx. gzipand sed are generally installed by default on Linux. zip may not be installed by default; check your distribution's documentation for information on how to install these applications.

For Windows, you will have to install those tools through a system such as MinGW, cygwin, or MSYS2.

gzip and zip only needed during runtime if you are compressing the log files, for example by setting a rollover policy which ends in .gz or .zip.


log4j and Java are needed to run some tests to ensure that log4cxx has binary compatability with log4j. Note that the correct binary for log4j will be downloaded and used automatically if CMAKE is used to build the project, otherwise one needs to get that manually. Java needs to be installed on the system already in all cases, but with CMAKE again, if it's not, the corresponding tests are skipped entirely automatically.

Licenses(direct dependencies only)

Apache License, Version 2.0: log4cxx, APR, APR-util