- Addition of new options in JMSAppender and new command line arguments in
   JMSSink. [*]

 - Added new method getLoggerName() in LoggingEvent class. The
   getLoggerName is the preferred way for accessing the logger
   name. The public access categoryName field should not be accessed
   directly. Similarly, added the getLevel method which is now the
   preferred way of accessing the event's level. The public access
   level field should not be accessd directly.  The javadocs now mark
   the categoryName and level fields as deprecated.

   Modified existing appenders to comply with these new directives. [*]

 - Log4j now will check if a system property called "log4j.ignoreTCL"
   is set. If it is it will ignore the Thread Context ClassLoader when
   loading classes. This solves the irrating "appender is not
   appender" messages observed when log4j.jar is loaded by multiple
   class loaders. [*]

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