Apache Kylin

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Apache Kylin

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Extreme OLAP Engine for Big Data

Apache Kylin is an open source Distributed Analytics Engine, contributed by eBay Inc., it provides a SQL interface and multi-dimensional analysis (OLAP) on Hadoop with support for extremely large datasets.

For more details, see the website http://kylin.apache.org, Chinese version:http://kylin.apache.org/cn/.

Get started with Kylin in 5 minutes with Docker

In order to allow users to try Kylin easily, we provide a docker image for Kylin.

Just run the following commands in your terminal. After 3~5 mins, you can access Kylin WebUI in your browser.

  1. pull docker image
docker pull apachekylin/apache-kylin-standalone:3.1.0
  1. start the container
docker run -d \
    -m 8G \
    -p 7070:7070 \
    -p 8088:8088 \
    -p 50070:50070 \
    -p 8032:8032 \
    -p 8042:8042 \
    -p 16010:16010 \
    --name apache-kylin-standalone \

You can learn more about this docker image on Kylin's website


Please refer to http://kylin.apache.org/docs/. Chinese version: http://kylin.apache.org/cn/docs/.

Get Help

The fastest way to get response from our developers is to send an email to our mail list dev@kylin.apache.org,
and remember to subscribe our mail list via dev-subscribe@kylin.apache.org


Please refer to LICENSE file.